Overseeding/Grass Seeding Services in Kansas City, Missouri

From summer droughts to backyard football matches and everything in between, our lawns can endure a lot of stress. Over time, this stress can cause our grass to grow thin and develop brown patches, inevitably making it appear unkempt and distressed. While some damaged lawns may need to start over with new sod, some may simply require laying new seed and some extra TLC. At Aaron’s Lawn & Landscaping, we can evaluate worn-out turfs and help you determine whether your lawn is a good candidate for overseeding lawn services. Reseeding a lawn can change the entire look and feel of your yard by allowing new grass to grow in. However, aeration and overseeding are not easy tasks, and you may need some help from a landscaping professional. Your landscaper at Aaron’s knows the best way to overseed a lawn, and we can get your lawn sprouting and looking good in no time. Aaron's Lawn & Landscaping has been providing professional overseeding and grass seeding services to the Kansas City area for years. Overseeding is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn, and our team of experts can help you choose the right seed mix for your property. For a free estimate, please contact us today. Residential and commercial customers alike can benefit from the lush, green lawns that Aaron’s Lawn & Landscaping can provide. In addition to improving the curb appeal of a property, a healthy lawn can also help to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution. We provide the following overseeding lawn services:

  1. Residential and commercial grass seed
  2. Planting grass seed
  3. Reseeding lawn
  4. Planting new grass
  5. Growing grass fast
  6. Overseeding in the Spring
  7. Fall overseeding

*We offer both residential and commercial overseeding services

What Is Overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of laying new grass seed on top of existing turf to fill in thin and bare patches of grass, improving your lawn’s color and density. This lawn care practice can also increase your lawn’s grass variety, making it more durable and resistant to drought, pests, disease, and erosion. Every homeowner wants to have the best grass in the neighborhood but may not know when the best time to plant grass is, which grass seed is the right seed for their location, or how to properly care for a new lawn. Plus, not everyone has a green thumb, and you could ruin your yard by overwatering, under-watering, or using too much fertilizer or not enough, or you could encounter other challenges when overseeding your lawn. You don’t have to handle this process alone. Reseeding grass is one of the things our lawn care company does, and we know how to help new seedlings thrive and enhance your existing lawn, filling in bare spots and improving the look of your yard.

Call Aaron’s Lawn & Landscaping for Weed and Seed Lawn Service in KC

Reseeding grass is easy when you get professional help. We know how to nurture grass seeds, from the proper moisture and soil temperatures to which type of grass seed will work best for your yard and which nutrients will help your grass grow. Improve your yard’s color and density with overseeding services from Aaron’s Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, one of Kansas City's top grass seed companies. Call today to learn more.