Ice Melting

Ice Melt & Ice Removal Services in Kansas City, Missouri

Winters in the Kansas City and Jackson County area can be unpredictable. Winter storms can leave your property covered in sleet overnight. With ice melt and snow removal services from Aaron’s Lawn & Landscaping, there’s no reason to get stuck in the storm this season. We know that you have better things to do than shovel feet of snow off your parking lot, driveway or walkways. Not only will our ice management services ensure your concrete surfaces don’t turn into mini skating rinks—they’ll also make the snow removal process easier. Some of our services:

  1. Snow and Ice Removal
  2. Salting Services
  3. Ice on Sidewalk Removal
  4. Snow/Ice Removal
  5. Ice on Driveway Removal

Prepare for winter weather - call Aaron's Lawn & Landscaping LLC today to learn more about our snow and ice services!

We offer:

  • Residential & commercial ice melt services
  • Pre and post-snow event applications
  • Concrete-safe products
  • Snow removal services