Leaf Removal Services in Kansas City, Missouri

As beautiful as autumn colors look in Kansas City when the leaves fall, they can do quite a bit of damage to our lawns—and not just in terms of tidiness. After 3-4 days, dead leaves can prevent your grass from having the air and nutrients it needs to breathe. Not only that, but a layer of dead foliage can bring pests, molds, and diseases. Leaves can also clog up gutters, causing water drainage issues that can lead to home damage. Leaf collection is more important than you might realize, but you don’t have to handle leaf pick up yourself.

At Aaron’s Lawn & Landscaping, we provide leaf removal services so you don’t have to spend your autumn days raking the lawn. Don’t let autumn’s fallen colors steal the green from your lawn—call us today to learn more about our leaf removal services. Our leaf removal service could include:

  1. Leaf pickup
  2. Leaf vacuum/yard vacuum/leaf sucker
  3. Leaf rake
  4. Mulching mower service
  5. Leaf bags and leaf pick up
  6. Yard cleanup

*We offer both residential and commercial leaf removal services

Friendly and Affordable Leaf Removal Service,
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Why should you remove leaves from your lawn?

Not too many people want to rake leaves, but they know that leaf pickup must be done as part of responsible yard maintenance. However, yard waste collection doesn’t have to be done by you. Aaron’s Lawn & Landscaping, LLC can handle this task for you, keeping your yard clean, protecting your back, and saving you time that you can spend on more enjoyable pursuits. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to stay on top of leaf cleaning come fall:

  • A thick layer of dead leaves can harm your lawn’s ability to “breathe,” absorb nutrients, and receive adequate water, sunlight, and healthy air flow.
  • Dead and decaying leaves can bring pests, disease, mold, and brown patches.
  • Compact dead foliage can keep new grass blades from emerging.
  • Removing leaves as they brown keeps your lawn looking well-kept.
  • HOAs will often fine residents in their communities who don’t maintain their yards. A leaf pick up service can keep you on good terms with your HOA and help you avoid paying expensive fines.
  • Neighborhoods with well-maintained lawns tend to have higher resale value. When homeowners keep up with yard maintenance, everyone in the neighborhood benefits from increased property values.
  • Curb appeal is better without a pile of rotting dead leaves in the yard. Leaf piles may be fun to jump in, but they don’t add a lot of aesthetic appeal. Our leaves raking service can get rid of those loose leaves for you, but we can let your kids jump in the pile once or twice before we haul the leaves away.

Leaf debris that get stuck in storm drains can also be a serious problem for your home, so make sure you get leaves cleaned out of your gutters as well as off your lawn.

How often is leaf removal needed? 

Knowing when you need to begin yard clean up and leaf removal depends on a variety of factors such as yard size and the amount of leaves fallen on the property. As a general rule, however, it’s important to pick up your leaves at least once a week. This keeps piles of leaves from accumulating too high and ensures that your lawn stays healthy with enough sunlight. There are many methods of leaf pickup to choose from like using a leaf vacuum, leaf rake, or mulching mower, but any of them will get the job done. If your busy schedule prevents you from doing this every week, you can contact a leaf removal service who will help you with yard clean up and maintenance.

Call Aaron’s Lawn & Landscaping for Leaf Removal in Kansas City, MO

Curious about leaf clean up cost? Give us a call, and we can give you a quote on the cost of leaf collection or information about our other lawn services. Spend your weekends enjoying football, hayrides, and haunted houses this autumn season—not raking leaves. Leaf litter can be a hassle to deal with, and you have more enjoyable things to do. Call Aaron’s Lawn and Landscaping today for more information about our Kansas City leaf removal services.

Are Leaves Taking Over Your Yard, or Gutters?

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